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NCT Preparation & Vehicles Service of Car Light Commercials

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NCT Preparation & Vehicles Service of Car Light Commercials

Some Guidelines For NCT Preparation

Starting with the exterior and then moving to the interior.


Bodywork: First of all you should walk around your vehicle and check for any damage or missing panels. Any missing panels will be an immediate fail. Damage is a different story for example dents and scratches are ok as long as they are not too severe. Any dislodged or bent panels should be inspected. A good way to look at this is to see if any panel is sticking out far enough to injure you or even snag your clothes in which case they should be repaired or replaced. Both wing mirrors should be intact and working correctly

Lamps / Lights: all of the lights on the exterior of the vehicle should be checked on the day of your test as bulbs can blow at any time. You should also check all bulbs are as bright as they are supposed to be as bulbs can blacken which makes them appear to be darker. When checking indicators make sure to check them all this also includes the side repeaters usually found on the front wings of the vehicle. A common problem with indicators is them not looking orange enough this is because the bulbs are covered in an orange film that melts off over time. Now you should check for damage to any of the lamps/lenses any cracks or holes are an immediate fail so you will have to replace any with damage. You must also check for condensation in the lamps which can be dried out using some sort of heat source e.g. hair dryer. If your headlights need to be focused or adjusted you should take your car to a garage.

Also to be checked are:

Windows, Registration plates & Wipers & washer jets

Seatbelts: To check the operation of your seat belts LTS:take the belt and pull it as fast as you can the belt should lock itself when pulled. Then check for any of signs of wear and tear i.e. rips or stretching. Then you should check the receiver simply close the buckle checking for good operation if you have found any problems any work should be carried out by a trained mechanic. Make sure all belts are visible.

Also to be checked are: